The Aesthetic Medicine Unit of the Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella expands its portfolio of services with the incorporation of the innovative Ultraformer III laser technology. The new equipment places this unit at the avant-garde in specific facial rejuvenation treatments. This state-of-the-art technology acts at different levels of the skin, which allows a more effective result compared to conventional treatments.

“It is the latest technology in aesthetic medicine treatments. It supposes a different concept, and not only approaching the patient with dermal fillers and conventional treatments. Is a great option for the treatment of flaccidity, suitable for all skin types, even the highest phototypes and in any season of the year. It is painless, since it does not require needles and a subsequent recovery or rest period is not necessary”, explains the head of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit, Dr. Natalia Cárdenas. To date, Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital is the only center for the province of Malaga that has this new technology.

The treatment is carried out in a single annual session, in a one hour session, as skin maintenance, to slow down or combat the passage of time thanks to the stimulation of collagen and its firming effect. “As a result, it is possible to eliminate and improve sagging in the soft tissues of the face, improving skin quality and achieving a firming effect and smoother skin. It has a “lifting effect” with smoother results, but with the advantage that it is not necessary to undergo surgery”, continues the expert.

In this sense, Dr. Cárdenas underlines that “one of the main advantages of Ultraformer III technology compared to other procedures is that the sessions are very comfortable for the patient. No use of needles or infiltrations so it is practically painless and without contraindications, so work and regular activity can be resumed after the session without time off, since it does not cause injuries or visible damage to the skin”, they explained in a statement from Quirónsalud.

Finally, the head of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit highlights that “one of the most suitable indications is the treatment of the periocular area, where a rested look effect is obtained by fighting the signs of aging and slightly raising the position of the eyebrow.” It is mainly recommended for the treatment of facial flaccidity, for wrinkles and folds of the face and is even indicated for the treatment of the neck and jowls, they have specified.

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