The Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella has been selected for the international research study of a vaccine against the Respiratory Syndical Virus (RSV). The Pneumology Service of the Marbella health center is one of the teams selected worldwide for the development of this trial in which it has made a notable debut since it has been the first hospital to contribute volunteers and, consequently, initiate the first research phase of the scientific trial.

“Our center will participate with 50 patients of whom we have already selected about twenty, the first 4 individuals from Spain belonged to this shortlist. In all cases, the good tolerance to the new drug is noteworthy. It is planned to carry out this study in 1,000 people from different countries of the world”, explains the Head of Pneumology Service and head of the research study at Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella, Dr. Jose Maria Ignacio Garcia.

The trial attempts to evaluate the efficacy of a new combined vaccine against RSV, a highly contagious virus that can cause infections in the lungs and airways. “The trial administers conventional flu vaccine and RSV vaccine. Whether the potency of the two vaccines is modified by co-administration (administration at the same time) is measured. Logically, the usefulness for inducing antibodies against RSV and the safety of the new vaccine are also analyzed in large population groups, which that will soon allow its commercialization. Carrying out this type of trial is very important insofar as it allows the scientific community to verify the suitability of vaccines that will be accessible to the general public. It is evident that progress could not be made on this path without prior research work”, points out the expert.

The study, they have explained in a statement, which focuses on patients older than 65 years, began this October and will continue for the next six months. This is the segment of the population that is most vulnerable to severe forms of RSV infection, although infants under 6 months of age are not exempt, as they may present a higher risk of suffering a serious illness in the event of infection.

As Dr. Ignacio García explains, “the RSV infection occurs seasonally and is more common in winter. To date, there is no approved vaccine for the prevention of infection caused by this virus, nor are there specific treatments available. Apart from symptomatic treatment.

From the Pulmonology Service they have enabled an email for those who aren interested in being part of this scientific trial as a volunteer. You can go to the email address where instructions will be offered. The registration deadline is November 25. The profile must be that of a woman or man over 65 years of age and all will obtain medical follow-up during the estimated six-month period of the trial.

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