The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, made this Wednesday a call for “caution” and that travel to areas near rivers be avoided, a warning that the City Council has made after proceeding at the end of the steps.

This was highlighted by the alderman in a day in which the Consistory has activated first thing in the morning the ‘municipal emergency plan’ due to the heavy rains that are being registered in the city and after registering 167 liters per square meter in the Los Reales areaaccording to Red Hidrosur.

As detailed by the mayor, “these are rains that have caused the overflow of rivers and that they have forced the cutting of their accesses”. Thus, rainfall has caused a flow increase of the rivers and streams of the municipality, for which the steps of 7 locations have been cut.

Specifically, from the Consistory they have specified that “4 passes of the Guadalobon River have been closed, 1 from the La Cala river, 2 from the Monterroso river, another in Arroyo El Infierno (Casares road in Los Pedregales)”. In addition, they have cut two steps from the Padron river, 1 from the Abejeras stream and another from the Guadalmansa river.

On the other hand, the City Council has reported that “they are reviewing the rivers Castor, Arroyo Vaquero, El Velerín and both Cala Alta and Padrón Alto”.

Regarding the recorded incidents, García Urbano has pointed out that “the troops are working in a coordinated manner” and has ensured that at this time “the city has not suffered any damage to its infrastructure with this strong storm.

The mayor has thankedthe work of all staff that is found in these security and prevention tasks”, as well as it has done “an appeal to citizens so that they exercise caution and avoid displacement in areas near rivers.”

From the City Council they have added that “there is no record” of incidents, with the exception of “some water rafts in some avenues”, while they have assured that there has been “no eviction order” of houses nor “notice of neighbors asking for the rescue”.

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