raphael will return this Wednesday to Starlite Catalana Occidente in the Malaga municipality of Marbella to celebrate its 60 years of historythus bringing to the town the acclaimed ‘Raphael 6.0’ tour, with which he celebrates six decades as one of the main Spanish-speaking artists.

The artist commemorates his career with the presentation of a duets album released in November 2020, the documentary series ‘Raphaelism’ and of course the tour which brings you once again to the boutique festival.

Among its “crown jewels” stand out timeless hymns such as ‘Mi gran noche’, ‘Qué Sabe Nobody’ or ‘Yo soy ese’, a song with which his international career took off in a meteoric way in 1966 and with which he proved to be an absolute pioneer of modern music in Spanish.

The artist, born in Linares in 1943, began his career in 1962, winning the first prize at the Benidorm Festival thanks to his prodigious voice and his particular way of interpreting, two traits that have consolidated his position as a music icon.

Furthermore, in the early stage of his career, starred in several movies directed by Mario Camus, Vicente Escrivá, Javier Aguirre or Antonio Isasi, and was very successful with different radio and television programs.

Their attitude on stage, his charismaits voice and his authenticity They have made him worthy of great awards in the industry and an impressive recording career that has led him to parade his songs on the most important stages in the world.

In this way, he is currently immersed in a tour, ‘Rapahel 6.0’, with which he is touring Spain this summer and with which he will stop at Starlite this Wednesday. It will continue in October and early November in Americato return to his country again the last month and a half of the year.

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