In the last two years, the renewable energy sector has contributed nearly 40 million euros to Andalusian municipalities, in whose municipalities there are facilities of this type, in terms of building licenses and compensatory benefits, according to data provided by the Andalusian Renewable Energy Association (CLANER).

The contribution of clean energy companies to the municipal coffers of these councils is also completed with more than 7.7 million euros per year for economic activities tax (IAE) and tax on real estate of special characteristics (BICES). To this amount, are added the environmental and social initiatives that the promoters implement at the local level.

The association that represents renewable energies in Andalusia estimates that the sector will contribute in the current year 2021 more than 10 million euros in licenses and compensatory benefits.

The president of CLANER, Alfonso Vargas, has praised the role of Andalusian city councils and mayors that “with their support for renewables they not only form a solidary part of the solution to the problem of the current climate emergency but, at the same time, have known provide their municipalities with progress initiatives that revert both to the municipal budget and to the creation of local employment and development opportunities ”.

Specifically, renewable energies employ more than 50,900 people in Andalusia today and in 2020 alone they invested more than 750 million euros. For the next 10 years, clean energies are expected to generate another 78,000 jobs in the region with a total investment of approximately 26,000 million euros.

In terms of municipal licenses, it will amount to 236 million euros, while IBI and IAE estimate a contribution of 94 million euros per year, throughout the operating life of the facilities, estimated to be between 20 and 25 years.

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