The Marbella Town Hall reports the rescue of a young black vulture that had fallen into the sea in Puerto Banús. The bird, weighing 7 kilos and months old, was taken to the jetty of the Dock of Honor of the nautical complex by a young man who practiced paddle surfing in the area and who managed to get the animal to get on his board to put it to except. A call to 112 allowed the Local Police to be alerted to the events, which in turn notified the Health Delegation, whose workers traveled to the scene of the event to collect and attend to the vulture in the first stay, and later put it to disposal of the Center for the Recovery of Endangered Species (CREA) of Malaga.

The specimen, following the protocol of the Junta de Andalucía, underwent the corresponding analyzes and samples to rule out pathologies. The results were favorable, according to the CREA technicians, who explained that the black vulture, whose species is classified as vulnerable in the Spanish Catalog of Endangered Species, did not present fractures or other injuries. The bird, born this year, was in good physical condition and hydrated and, according to specialists, had probably started the emigration process but, due to its youth and inexperience, it would have entered a phase of exhaustion in its flight, reason why it would have rushed into the sea. The specimen is in perfect condition and, once the observation period is over, it will be returned to its natural habitat.

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