The neighbors and neighbors of the Las Palmeras Avenuelocated northeast of marbellahave spent years demanding that the town council renew both the pavement and the road lights, due to the state of deterioration that they present and the accessibility problems that it generates in part of the route, according to Fabiola Mora, a resident of a residential complex in the area.

The lawsuit began in 2008 and is made by the communities of owners of Las Palmeras I, II and III with 60, 137 and 189 homes respectively, as well as those of the building Sierra Blanca with 47 properties and La Conchawhich houses 350 and 450 parking spaces.

In total, they are “736 dwellings in the blocks plus the houses, so there are 800 in this area“, has indicated Mora, who has indicated that the residents of the same are affected by the state of the road, made up of “compacted concrete”. “The street is post-war and the asphalt is to kill you,” she lamented.

The neighbor explained that the request was elevated to the plenary session of the Corporation in November 2012, as well as by check-in in the City Council without obtaining until now a municipal action of improvement in the mentioned avenue. In addition, he has added that the state of the road is continually denounced by neighbors on social networks.

On the other hand, Mora has alluded to the demographic pressure of the area, which according to what he has valued is “the second population nucleus of the population term per square meter per dwelling”, while underlining that between different levies such as the IReal Estate Tax (IBI) or the garbage rates “we carry 9.6 million paid in taxes in 16 years since we presented the document to the Plenary and subsequently we have continued to ask and they continue to ignore us”.

Mora lamented that in the nearby streets “the pavement has been renewed and the lights have been changed to LED”, characterized by the construction and existence of “mansions in the Huerta Belón area”, while it has criticized that there is no action on Las Palmeras avenue, which is parallel to Cánovas del Castillo, which is “the natural street” on the way to the Paco Cantos Sports Center, recalled.

In this way, the neighbors ask that “Put on the pavement, which we don’t have because it’s compacted concrete yellow and most of it is broken”, as well as criticizing that “the streetlights are disqualified”, many of which “are held with cable ties”, for which the residents request the replacement by lights with LED technology.

The paved is another of the points included in the neighborhood petition, as well as the maintenance of the trees since “some orange trees are not being maintained, so there are areas where you have to surround them due to the lack of pruning.” To this he has added the state of the chests, which “are totally destroyed” or that of the pits.

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