More than thirty residents of Mijas Pueblo have gathered this Wednesday at the gates of the Town Hall to request that the emergency room doctor from the municipal health center, Sladana Obradovic -paid by the City Council despite being a regional competition-, before the announcement of the local entity to put out to tender a new contract for the provision of the service.

Thus, the citizens have expressed their desire that the utility continue in its position, in which it has been 16 years, in a service that has historically been covered by the Consistory of Mijas for 17 years due to the lack of Emergencies in the municipality, and whose The contract will be renewed in 2022 to adapt it to Public Sector Contract Law, as explained by the local Administration

The petition has reached the plenary sessionwhich was held this Wednesday, to which the neighbors and neighbors have agreed to occupy the Hall of Plenary sessions and take a seat, but where there have been no incidents having requested this initiative, so they have attended as a public.

The applicants have gone to the Plenary Hall as public.

The applicants have gone to the Plenary Hall as public.




The spokeswoman for the neighborhood movement, Auri Serrano, has highlighted the “discomfort that there was in Mijas regarding the hiring from the doctor Obradović”, who is the Favorite Daughter of the municipality since March 2019, and of which he has highlighted that it is “a great doctor who carries her profession in her heart and that she does everything humbly, she is a great professional”.

In this way, he has indicated that after trying to contact the mayor, Josele González, and not obtaining a positive result, “certain people from Mijas met and it was decided to collect signatures”, an initiative that concluded on April 5, and with which they collected “1,229” that were delivered by “Registry”.

There is no politics hereno hoax has been released, this is in defense that take into account the great professional who is the doctor”, Serrano has remarked in relation to the congregation of people that has taken place today in the City Council, at the time that he has assessed that “it is true that he has to –the contract – has to enter by tender, but as long as she earns several points, she is a great professional”.

Regarding Obradovic, she has highlighted that “she works as a doctor, a gynecologist, a nurse and goes to homes.” “We have been through a very tough pandemic. and the only one who has attended face to face was her, who has been there night after night and has attended us personallywhich is what we citizens want as people, not as numbers in history”, he emphasized.

“Here nobody picked up the phone, no doctor, but she did. She has taken care of us and has gone to homes in a pandemic very hard, and that too there have to be a lot of points towards that person, that is why all the citizens who have been able to come are here”, Serrano reiterated.

Therefore, the congregated ask the City Council to “take into account the square of this lady and that he can calmly exercise as the great professional that he is”, detailing that the sanitation contract “is fulfilled on June 4”. On the other hand, Serrano has indicated that the doctor “has proposed to stay 4 days, on Saturdays and Sundays -there is no doctor in the morning- and two days during the week” to cover 40 hours.

For its part, the City Council has stated that “the intention of the local Administration is not only to maintain the service, which to date has been providing the doctor and Adoptive Daughter Sladana Obradovicbut to optimize it by improving and expanding it so that casualties and holidays are covered, so that current regulations are always complied with”.

Thus, and as reported by the local entity, the administration “is not only going to ensure the provision of the same at the time and on the days that has been provided to date”, which is from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., but “also will be optimized by increasing the economic amount earmarked for said contract up to 145,000 euros”.

For all these reasons, the local Administration “is working on the tender for the provision of the service in accordance with the provisions of the Public Sector Contracts Law and that will also allow the improvement of service provision which is covered in its entirety by the Consistory, despite being the responsibility of the Junta de Andalucía”.

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