The inhabitants of Estepona have the responsibility of voting for the 25 councilors that make up the local corporation in the municipal elections this Sunday, May 28. These will come out among the four formations that present their lists in a municipality marked by absolute majorities of the PP for more than a decade. From Malaga Today you can follow live results of the 2023 municipal elections in Esteponawith the update of the count of the elections, with the number of votes, political parties and councilors that will come out of these votes.

For this 28M the formations that have presented their candidacy in Estepona are four. The matches are as follows:

  • PP
  • PSOE
  • vox
  • With Andalusia We Can-Izquierda Unida with Estepona

The last years have been marked by the absolute majorities of the PP since 2011, when Jose Maria Garcia Urbano took the baton of command, and has since revalidated to date, being one of the most voted for mayors in Spain in municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants. Its management has been driven by the transformation of the city, with special attention to the urban center and its pedestrianization.

In the 2019 elections, the popular candidate swept in Estepona and expanded its previous absolute majority. From 17 councilors he went to 21, with 16,828 votes.

The growth of the popular occurred at the expense of PSOE and United Left. The socialists lowered two ediles; going from six to four. Izquierda Unida lost its only councilor. And the high expectations around Ciudadanos and Vox were not met, since none of these formations entered the Estepona City Hall in the previous elections.

It sounded like number 2 on the list of the city of Malaga, but in the end it did not materialize, so García Urbano announced in January that he was running for re-election. Its program includes the expansion of the boulevard with the comprehensive remodeling of Avenida San Lorenzo for its integration with Avenida de España, the development of new sports facilities in the north, the integration of the Monterroso River into the city, new parking lots, the commitment to establish a University and various projects to make Estepona a cultural reference.

The four councilors of the PSOE have been the only opponents in the corporation during these four years. The list of the socialist formation is headed by Emma Molinawith an electoral program that is committed to the creation of VPO homes for purchase or rent, the recovery of the municipal company in this area and the transfer of public land, as well as aid for the entrance of flats and leases, among others performances.

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