New call to the polls for Marbella voters. In the municipal elections this Sunday, May 28, the inhabitants of Marbella will be able to cast their ballots to elect the 27 councilors that make up the local corporation. From Malaga Today you can follow live results of the municipal elections 2023 in Marbellawith the update of the count of the elections, with the number of votes, political parties and councilors that will come out of these votes.

For this 28M the formations that have presented their candidacy in Marbella are a total of 9. Among them, two new parties burst into elections for the first time in the town, such as Por Marbella and San Pedro and Por Mi Pueblo. The PP has been chaining absolute majorities since 2007, except for the left-wing pact that governed between 2015 and 2017.

  • PP
  • PSOE
  • United with Podemos (the confluence of lefts made up of IU and Podemos)
  • Boost City
  • citizens
  • OSP
  • for my town
  • vox
  • Through Marbella and San Pedro

The 2019 elections resulted in an absolute majority of the PP, who got 14 councilors and with it the ability to govern alone. PSOE followed with 10 councilors, OSP with two and Cs with 1, while IU lost the two representatives it counted during the previous legislature and Vox and Impulsa Ciudad did not obtain representation in the municipal Corporation either.

The mayoress and head of the PP list, angeles munozobtained 18,977 votes (40.05%), 428 less than in 2015. Despite losing support, he took out one more councilor, which made the difference between having to govern with pacts or doing it with an absolute majority.

He PSOE went from eight to 10 representatives and from 12,444 votes to 14,784 (31.20%). Opción Sampedreña (OSP) maintained its two mayors, although it lost votes: from 4,336 to 3,283 (6.93%). Cs entered for the first time in the Marbella Town Hall, with 2,567 votes (5.42%), but barely got a mayor.

For its part, expectations about Vox were not met. The formation, which was presented for the first time in the municipality, was not represented in the City Council. With 1,564 votes, it barely reached 3.30% of the total.

Since the motion of no confidence that ended the tripartite in 2017, Ángeles Muñoz has governed the Marbella City Council. And she intends to continue doing so despite the fact that the pre-campaign began with the order of the National Court in which she prosecuted for alleged crimes of drug trafficking and criminal organization to her stepson and her husband, who died in March. The party leaders have shown their express support for the popular candidate in this campaign.

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