More than 49,900 people have a new appointment with the polls this Sunday in Mijas, of these, a total of 2,021 voters are foreign residents, one of the largest populations in the province of Malaga. Together they will be able to vote to elect the 25 councilors that make up the Mijas Town Hall, bringing the absolute majority to 13 councillors. From Malaga Today you can follow live results of the municipal elections 2023 in Mijaswith the update of the count of the elections, with the number of votes, political parties and councilors that will come out of these votes.

A total of 10 formations present their candidacy in MijasAmong them, four new parties burst into local elections for the first time in the municipality, such as Soy de Mijas (led by José Antonio Torresano), Por Mi Pueblo (a list led by Juan Carlos Maldonado, former mayor for Cs between 2015 and 2019 and first vice president of the Provincial Council between 2019 and 2021), Pacma (with a candidacy headed by Cristina García) and Vox (Juan Carlos Cuevas).

Specifically, the ten formations that dispute the Mijas Town Hall this 28M are:

  • PP
  • PSOE
  • Citizens (Cs)
  • United with Mijas
  • Mijeña Alternative
  • vox
  • Forward Andalusia
  • for my people
  • I’m from Mijas
  • Animalist Party with the Environment (PACMA)

In 2019 the PP, with Angel Nozal in front, it continued to be the force with the most votes in Mijas, but it lost two councilors compared to 2011, remaining with 9 councilors -four of the absolute majority-. For its part, the PSOE remained the second force with the most votes in the town with 27.45% of the votes and 8 councilors -one more-. Ciudadanos also added one more councilor compared to 2015 and was left with 6.

Costa del Sol Sí Puede (CSSP) lost its representation in the local corporation. Its two councilors went to Podemos and Vox, who got one each. The Mijeño Neighborhood Movement formation was also left without representation.

The question of who would rule in Mijas remained until the last minute. In the end, the PSOE recovered the mayoralty in the town eight years later at the hands of Josele González, who was sworn in as the new mayor of Mijas with 14 votes in favour, one more than needed to reach an absolute majority – the eight of his team plus the six of Ciudadanos-.

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