It is one of those natural elements that occur in the Malaga Mediterranean basin: a small river that rises in the mountains near the sea and flows into the coast of Estepona baptizing a coastal area with good beaches and beautiful places facing the sea. The river Beaver It is less than 14 kilometers long but its course is full of surprises and beautiful places to walk through, among which is the Charca de las Otters, a pool of water that extends after the action of the river on the ground discovers the white marble from this part of the Malaga mountains. A place where you can walk along the same riverbed and find postcards and curious places around its small basin, one of the most colorful in the province of Malaga.

The beaver is born in the surroundings of the Sierra de The Bermejales, near Estepona. It is a place that in recent years has had a great impact on cycling environments. The climb to Peñas Blancas is not only one of the places in the province of Malaga where you feel like an elite cyclist, it is also a site of high natural value that is not far from the coastline and that offers many trails, routes and corners. in which to enjoy nature. But going back to the Castor river, it is a small riverbed and one of the most striking points of the walks it offers is the otter pond. A pool of water that can be accessed with a route that is not very long on foot and that is one of the most beautiful points of the Castor river, although not the only one. The Las Nutrias pond is a point to reach on foot, exit 16 of the A-7 motorway is a good point to turn off and reach the end of the paved roads near the pond. A good landmark is the entrance to the Camino del Castro Cultural Park, which is just over three kilometers from a good footprint of the pond.

Once in it or its surroundings and depending on the time of year and the flow of the river, it will be possible to see that it has deep areas that are not very deep in the summer, but the action of the water on the rocks that exposes the white marble of the area. It is not something usual, although in the province of Malaga it is not the only place where this mineral can be found, it is known how since Roman times it was extracted from quarries in the Sierra de Mijas and its use spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula and many points in the Mediterranean.

But the Las Nutrias pond can be a good starting point to go up the riverbed and find more special formations. With the care that must be taken in this type of area where drinking water and elements that protect from the sun are essential for any walk, you can see spectacular rocky walls between which the bed of the small river runs. The Beaver also has many animal species around it, which usually has many pine trees and not too many shades. Around the Camino del Castro cultural park there are several routes and trails that are suitable for mountain bike routes. It is a different place in which to walk and enjoy nature, although you must take into account all the necessary precautions to protect yourself from the heat.

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