La Caridad, located in the Nueva Andalucía district of Marbella, has gone from being a fequestrian Inca marked by corruption, to become a multipurpose fairground that the City Council will allocate to the recreation of the neighbors after being recovered, as it previously belonged to the former Urban Planning advisor of the GIL era, Juan Antonio Roca.

The acceptance of the new fairground is significant by the citizens of the municipal term, as well as that it has passed from private hands to collective use after years of lawsuits for corruption cases, eiIntervened in the Malaya case together with the Siete Corchones farm in 2019.

Thus, the one that was one of the pmost coveted properties of the former Town Planning adviser, Juan Antonio Roca, It was inaugurated as a new multi-purpose fairground in San Pedro after the Nueva Andalucía Fair was held in the summer; that will host activities throughout the year to revitalize the city, something that is celebrated by numerous neighbors consulted.

Aerial view of the La Caridad farm.

Aerial view of the La Caridad farm.




The fairground received this week from the first hours of opening the visita of numerous curious and fairground who came to the place not only to check how the San Pedro Fair turned out, but to see how one of the goods seized from Roca is, which by its dimensions and result amazes visitors. “I loved the Fair, I loved it”, said Adela del Valle, a woman who grew up in the population center, but who currently lives in Istán due to the high cost of housing. As other uses for the space, she has pointed to activities such as “trade fairs, circuses, markets or Christmas flea markets”, any idea “as long as it is not built here”.

Another couple residing in Marbella and who were walking in the opening week of the new fairgrounds, have shown their satisfaction with the results. She, María Río, has pointed out that the new space is “beautiful”, just as the public use of it has been celebrated, which he has considered as “fantastic”. To the detriment, he has opined that the Marbella Night Fair “has been ruined and it’s crap.” He, Eduardo Sánchez, has pointed out that it is an “unnecessary expense” to set up the Marbella Fair every year as “it does not have a fixed fairground”, and as alternatives to the use of the sampedreño he has highlighted that “fairs, markets or a trace in conditions, that here does not exist”.

Jose Vazquez is a neighbor of Nueva Andalucía qua went one morning to see the new fairgrounds together with his wife, Georgina Cebal, who has valued that it is “unique” and “it is very good”. “This was from Marbella, we paid the taxes, and it had to end up being from the town”, has remarked on the public use of the space after its recovery by the Marbella City Council. “We are happy because heritage is heritage”, Georgina has indicated, assuring in relation to the impact of noise in La Campana that it does not bother her, despite the fact that the area is relatively close to the San Pedro Alcántara Night Fair, the which is heard “a little”, but “it’s okay”.

Teresa Guerrero and Diego, her partner, went to the La Caridad farm in the morning to walk around and see how the Fair turned out. “It is very good, it is a spacious and beautiful enclosure”, the woman has opined, at the same time she has considered “great” that the old Roca property is destined for the use of the town, which in addition to that “is always improvable as it is the first year” and “it can improve the organization and be more orderly and beautiful” for the coming years. Meanwhile, Diego has valued the event as a paradox: “From Rock to San Pedro”, he exclaimed making a simile to the chair according to which the Patron Saint is the stone on which the Church is founded. At the same time, he has affirmed that the noise of the Fair “does not interrupt anything”, in relation to the sleep of the residents of La Campana. Between the two, they propose that the space could be used for “a soccer or basketball field” or “do educational activities for children.” The creation of a “direct access” to avoid the traffic jams recorded during these holidays, both in the Polígono de San Pedro and at the Nueva Andalucía entrance, has been one of the couple’s suggestions.

Others such as Francisco Hurtado and Josefa Millán, are committed to developing in the fairground “a disco or dance for adults”, since they assure that in San Pedro “there are no places of leisure or music” for this group. Of the same opinion are Blanca Herce and Marcos Leiva, who while waited for the opening of the bars in the old Roca estatein addition to “concerts or festivals”, the neighbor has indicated.

The deputy mayor of San Pedro, Javier García, has alluded to the “symbolic and emotional charge” of the space due to the “looting” that the city suffered during the GIL governments, and its subsequent incorporation into the “municipal heritage as a public facility.” The “festive satisfaction and to recover a historical heritage” it is palpable in the neighbors, that these days they have been able to verify “the legacy of what was here”, the mayor has indicated, recalling the rehabilitation work that has been done for three years after his recovery in the face of his coming out, which “shows that Justice takes time, but in the end it acts”, he referred. The next step will be to “dismantle the Fair and conserve” the farm and then “plan the management of the venue, since “many music promoters” have contacted the Consistory to “carry out concerts in the summer”, the councilor assured.

At the time of its reception by the Municipal Corporation three years ago, the farm treasured nNumerous valuables from carriages that belonged to Roca’s horses to works of art, sculptures, old collection pieces, portraits of bullfighters or bullfighting trophies, among other collections. In October 2022, the fairground attractions mark the skyline from spacewith an area of ​​“81,000 square meters” with “40,000 attractions” and “34,000 parking spaces”, valued at more than five million euros.

The debate has jumped to social networkswhere it has been proposed that the Feria de Marbella is held in the new fairgrounds of La Caridad.

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