San Pedro Alcántara is going to renovate one of the boulevard’s walls with a marine-inspired work entitled ‘La Sardiná’, by local artist Curro Leyton. The Deputy Mayor of Sampedreño, Javier García, today presented the initiative together with the Director of Culture, José Antonio Moreno, and the author himself and stressed that “it was a space that It presented a great deterioration and that required an action that would embellish it by providing it with uniqueness, so this proposal was the one that we considered the most suitable among all those presented “, while pointing out that” it is a very representative image of our gastronomic culture, of the province of Malaga and of the entire Mediterranean and we believe that it will to become an icon, both for residents and visitors as a tourist attraction ”.

Moreno, for his part, explained that it is not an isolated project, but that they want to transform the boulevard into an open-air museum and also have the intention of making other murals in different public spaces. In this sense, it has advanced that “it is planned that in the avenue Pablo Ruiz Picasso a mandala made with ceramic pieces and that other elements, linked to the past as an agricultural colony of San Pedro, are placed in other points to provide them with historical and artistic content ”.

Finally, Leyton has detailed that the work, with a total area of ​​about 420 meters, 6 meters high and 70 long, “Pays tribute to a tradition that all Malaga citizens carry in our blood and for which we are also renowned, but with a ‘pop art’ style that modernizes it and makes it more contemporary”. He explained that “for a mural to be successful and explosive, three factors must be combined, which are the wall, the theme and the execution, and this is a place that meets all the conditions to achieve it” and has specified that the project, that It will be completed in a period of between three and four weeks, “I am especially excited because I am personally very close to San Pedro.”

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