The project of construction of a third lane on the Autovía del Mediterráneo A-7 between Puerto and Banús and San Pedro Alcántara (Marbella) continues in limbo, an alternative demanded by the town council to solve traffic congestion that is recorded in the area on a daily basis, and that from the PSOE point to the need to consider this possibility in urban planning as a start.

The mayoress of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has requested to undertake “the widening of the third lane between Puerto Banús and San Pedro, that would make traffic much more agile”, assuring that it is a request that the City Council has been making to the Ministry for 5 years, assuring that the project “is in a drawer and delayed”.

In this way, the first mayor has ensured that there has been no progress regarding it, of which she has assessed that it would be “absolutely assumable by the Government” by encrypting it into a cost of “17 million euros”.

The councilor has pointed out that the Traffic saturation is no longer only registered in high season in the areafor which he has emphasized that “Marbella needs to have suitable infrastructures and communications for the people who live here year-round.”

“We need a compromise, which until now we have tried and it has been included in the budgets through an amendment presented by the popular group, and unfortunately what we do not have is no response from the government”, Muñoz lamented.

At the same time, the first mayor has criticized that the proposal of “lower the price of one of the most expensive tolls that exists in Spain to be able to provide another alternative to traffic, which right now collapses on the A-7 Mediterranean Highway every time there is an incident or at any time or day when there is a greater number of vehicles”, he stressed.

Muñoz has highlighted that the competence to act in the matter is “100% state”, which is why it has influenced that since the Adlocal administration “we cannot do any kind of action, not even improve the issue of clearing if it is not with the express authorization of the Ministry ”, he remarked.

For this reason, it has demanded that the central government undertake the “unfolding of San Pedro”, in the Marbella area this is the issue of access and incorporation into the different urbanizations from the A-7, and of course the toll”, stressing What are they three actions that must be addressed immediately and I hope that when there is a change[W1] of government are committed”, he added.

The Plenary of the Corporation approved in 2017 a proposal to transfer to the central Government “the need to draft the project of a third road in each direction” on the highway as it passes through San Pedro, which would also include “construction of a pedestrian walkway that will connect Nueva Andalucía with Puerto Banús”, as explained by the deputy mayor, Javier García.

For his part, the spokesman for the PSOE in Marbella, José Bernal, stressed that in order to undertake the work on the third lane on the highway at the height of San Pedro it is necessary that “this layout be contemplated in the General Plan”, something that does not occur in the current planning document, which dates from 1986.

Bernal has highlighted that “pFirst, the General Plan that is being drafted has to contemplate that third rail, which would lead to expropriations”. Subsequently, he has indicated that “a preliminary project would have to be carried out” and finally “the project if it were the solution”, which must be given by the “technicians”, he has added. On the other hand, Bernal has stressed that for “a work of this type they have to Collaborate with different institutions competent in the matter”.

For its part, the Government Sub-Delegation has indicated that improvement works are currently being carried out on the A-7 motorway in the Marbella area for a value of 9.92 million euros, specifically to undertake “the reinforcement of the pavement on the A-7 between Fuengirola and Marbella” with an investment of 6.16 million and “improvement and safety works in the San Pedro and Churriana tunnels” for a value of 3.76 million euros.

As they have stated, both works are “budgeted” in the General State Budget (PGE), both in specific and generic items, in this case the General Directorate of Highways. They have also recalled that the Government has tendered the “rehabilitation work of 12 pedestrian walkways on the A-7, the majority in Marbella and also in Estepona” with an investment of 2.2 million euros.

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