The restorer Santiago Domínguez, who runs the oldest seafood restaurant with the same name in Marbella since 1972 on the city’s waterfront, hangs the apron after 65 years of experience professional dedicated to the hospitality industry, which will close its doors on September 30.

The decision has been chewing “about 3 or 4 years”, so he has adopted it “naturally”, waiting for that well-deserved rest. “I’m not going to get any scare, I already have it assimilated” and “my head is not going to suffer alterations,” said the restorer regarding his departure from the sector, although does not rule out advising other companies, but “very calmly and forgetting those 15 hours that I have been spending practically since I was born.”

“For now, I am going to leave my company and after resting for 2 months, I have some advisory proposals ”, Domínguez pointed out, noting that he is considering it“ more than anything to entertain me due to the fact that if there is a profession that you like like mine is, then maybe slamming might be too hard. “

Work weighs a lot on me. I would like to die in this profession because I have always liked it a lot, but the years weigh a lot and now I do not want to die in the fiery, I want to be able to enjoy the days that I have left”, Declared Domínguez, who has assured that he does not know“ what holidays are, a rest or what it is to eat in one go and all that in the end exhausts a lot. Now what I want is to take care of myself a little ”.

The passage of the years does not forgive, and the hotelier says goodbye between hugs and visits from his clients, that these last days they come to the seafood restaurant to say goodbye to the restaurateur and offer samples of affection. “I will have to rest, which is the first thing I want, and then to be able to visit some things and countries that I have been wanting for many years and that I have always been putting off, sometimes for one thing and others for another, but always for work reasons ”, he stressed.

Santiago Domínguez poses next to a photo of his youth.

Santiago Domínguez poses next to a photo of his youth.


Mª Jesus Serrano


A) Yes, the first trip he plans is to Finnish Lapland, who visited decades ago because of a “girlfriend from Stockholm” that he had, as well as to reunite with his son, who lives in Sweden and “designs the robots that surgeons use.” In his words, the passion with which he has developed his profession has been the key to the success of his restaurant, which is a gastronomic “benchmark” even internationally, and which has currently ensured that “There are many companies interested“In continuing with the business.

For him establishment have passed “a thousand or more” personalities such as actor Orson Welles, Onasis, Jacqueline Kennedy Anthony Quinn, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, former President of Brazil Lula da Silva, the Kings of Belgium, Sophia Loren, Christopher Lee, Gina Lollobrigida or Jean-Paul Belmondo, among others. Of the latter, he recalled an anecdote related to the “paparazzi”, who were looking for the actor and his girlfriend, and asked Santiago to hide them, so the host chose to “put them in the kitchen and give them a white coat and a hat and put them to beat ”, thus going unnoticed.

If I were to be born again, I would do the same again because I have done what I liked with a lot of effort and a lot of work, but I have done what I liked. And I have a great time and even though I’m in the kitchen, I go out from time to time and greet my clients, sometimes they tell me a joke and other times I tell them and I have a great time ”, he said.

The restorer has the honor of having installed the first beach bar on the Costa del Sol on La Venus beach in Marbella in 1956, where the first Victoria beer beers in the region were served; later he set up a dance floor on it so that “the nights were profitable” in 1957 and In 1972 he founded the Santiago seafood restaurant, which will close its doors next Thursday, September 30. His latest initiative has been the creation of the Wine Museum last spring, with more than 2,500 bottles. The gastronomic establishment will remain in the memory of several generations of tourists and residents.

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