Sarah Whitea neighbor of Marbella, 91 years old, who suffers from Parkinson’s, battle daily against this disease and the visible on your Instagram social network profilewhere she teaches her passion for fashion and cooking, demonstrating that, with attitude and commitment, there are no barriers.

Blanco is the perfect example that age is just a number and that older people, even those who suffer from a disease, they must not give up early. The tremors began 40 years ago, and to this day, the woman continues to cook, put on makeup, and do many of the household chores by herself.

The nonagenarian, who assures that she has always had a passion for fashion, breaks the stereotypes of people her age and with her illness. With the hair dyed blue, matching her nails, and elegantly dressedreceives EFE in Marbella, where he lives.

Fashion and cooking on Instagram

Sara Blanco poses next to a painting.

Sara Blanco poses next to a painting.


Juan Carlos Dominguez / Efe

The woman, born in Valladolid, moved during the pandemic with his daughter Beatriz Levín, former member of the musical group Greta y los Garbo and current film producer, to Los Angeles, in the United States. there she arose Sara is in the kitchen (Sara is in the kitchen), an Instagram account where she taught cooking recipes live.

The age of the cook, together with the visible Parkinson’s disease, made Sara acquire fame in america, which catapulted his account on the social network to the 150,000 followers he currently has. He became a role model for making his daily life visible despite the difficulties.

Now, at almost 92 years old, she is immersed in her new project: publish a cookbook Mediterranean and Castilian.

The another predilection of Blanco is fashionso she can be seen wearing different outfits in the posts she uploads on Instagram.

Sarah, what He also began painting at the age of 70 and reads the press assiduously, he has never stopped having life projects. He assures that “not stopping” and “moving everywhere” is his way of dealing with Parkinson’s because his head “is somewhere else and not thinking” about the disease.

An example of fighting Parkinson’s

For Blanco there is no doubt, the attitude is what makes the difference when battling against Parkinson’s. The old woman, with more than obvious tremors, is capable of writing at dawn when she is relaxed, surfing the internet, making a woolen jacket -even if it takes months- and even threading a needle.

His “trick” is to “dream about a project every day”, because “the imagination must fly to distract you from the disease“. The woman, who has trouble walking and suffers a few falls, demonstrates a commendable attitude and points out that if she falls – literally and mentally speaking – she does not stay crying, but gets up again.

Sara Blanco, who lives in an urbanization in Marbella with her daughters, gives visibility to the disease and launches a plea for those who also experience it. “Don’t be scared and stay at home, move and do projects“Recommends this old woman, who has become an influencer on Instagram.

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