The family of Sarah Almagro -the young woman from Marbella who has become the world runner-up in adapted surfing after having her hands and feet amputated-; has celebrated this Friday theservice order” provisionally approved by the Junta de Andalucía by means of which “the dispensing of certain prosthetics and orthotics for people in a special clinical situation”, that is, the expected “individualized prescription to the amputee patient”.

According to the family, “the draft order that partially updates the General Product Catalog for prosthetics and orthotics dispensing -which will be published in BOJA soon-, cannot collect the patient’s individualized prescription through a Clinical Advisory Commission of products that, specified in it, do not meet the need for standardization” of the same.

According to the legal reports issued by the Legal Office of the Junta de Andalucía, “the creation of this body must materialize by decree and not by order, with which the formal and final wording will be summoned to September”, he lamented.

As he has assured, in order to solve this space of time, the service order that came into force on the 20th, will allow the prescription of orthoprosthetic products to patients with special clinical and to which the general catalog does not provide an adequate response.

The father of the young woman from Marbella, Ismael Almagro, held a meeting on April 19 with the Junta de Andalucíain which he was able to transfer to the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno, his contradictory feeling because the solution given that same day “could have been given in October 2020 after the commitment created by the Minister of the Presidency, Elías Bendodo”.

“The involvement and commitment of the president was evident, who conveyed to the rest of his government team the need to provide legal certainty as soon as possible and called for the signing of the decree to September, as well as to address the needs of vulnerable people that the current regulations do not include their special situation, ”said the Almagro family.

Almagro has requested an “audience” with the president of the Junta de Andalucía in order to be able to transfer all the data collected and the knowledge acquired during these almost four years of incessant struggle. The main issue that he will put on the table is the materialization of the commitment also created in October 2022 on the implementation of a Coordination Center for Amputee Specialties.

The data collected from the Administration itself, as well as the numerous calls that the family has received to ask for advice prior to an amputation confirm the extreme need to carry out amputations from an exhaustive knowledge and coordinated by all medical specialties involved in the process such as traumatologists, plastic and vascular surgeons, rehabilitators, physiotherapists, psychologists and prosthetics.

Almagro wanted to record his gratitude for the involvement of the Andalusian Government teamz with this historically forgotten group, and above all because a wise decision applicable from April 20, 2022, Andalusian amputees in a special clinical situation will also be able to normalize their lives.

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