Agents of the National Police have dismantled a criminal plot to which the robbery, destined for drug trafficking, of three boats in the marina of Fuengirola (Málaga) is attributed.

After the police proceedings carried out, the investigators have arrested seven members of the network for their alleged participation in the theft of ships, as well as in the misappropriation of rental vehicles and various scams related to non-payment of fuel at gas stations, they have indicated. from the National Police in a statement.

The ‘Kraken’ operation – as it has been called by agents attached to the Robbery Group of the Fuengirola Police Station in charge of the investigation – began last August with the theft of three private boats, in the town’s marina Malaga.

According to the investigations, members of the plot entered the jetty of the Fuengirola port last summer and, once inside the facilities, a mechanic from the organization, an expert in starting boats, managed to start a rigid boat, thus consummating the subtraction.

The same operation followed the network with two other boats – another rigid and a semi-rigid – stolen in the port. The destination of these vehicles would be their use in illicit activities related to drug trafficking.

One of the boats has been recovered in the Malaga town of Casares by the Civil Guard and returned, without motor, to its rightful owner.

The dismantled organization had a clear distribution of functions among its members, distinguishing between them from boat pilots to mechanics specialized in starting systems, through vehicle drivers and other positions within the organization chart.

This same organization is attributed the appropriation of two rental vehicles, which have not been located at the moment, and also three minor crimes of fraud related to non-payment of fuel at gas stations on the Malaga coast.

Thus, the investigations, the agents identified and located seven members of this criminal network, who have been arrested and made available to the judicial authority. The facts are known by the Investigating Court number 2 of Fuengirola.

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