The Civil Guard has detained in Mijas and Benalmádena seven fugitives of different nationalities by search and arrest warrants decreed by various judicial bodies in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania and France.

As a result of investigations carried out, these seven people of different nationalities have been arrested, who were in the Malaga towns of Mijas and Benalmádena fled from justice for various criminal cases.

One of them, 63 years old, had numerous search and arrest warrants and was arrested in the town of Benalmádena. He was on the run from Spanish justice for homicide crimesillegal possession of weapons, robbery with violence and intimidationagainst road safety and drug trafficthey have specified from the Civil Guard in a statement.

At the time of arrest had false documentation in the name of a citizen of Swiss-Italian nationality, for which he was arrested and charged, in addition, with the crimes of false documents, lacking a driving license and drug trafficking, since he was carrying 14 doses of cocaine and fractional money.

As a result of the arrest, a home search in which various doses of narcotic substances, a precision scale and a compressed air gun were seized.

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