The Spanish Civil Guard, together with the collaboration of the Belgian Federal Police and the Dutch Police, have arrested in Marbella two capo of a criminal organization that trafficked cocaine on a large scale.

The operation has received the name of Austral-Coles and it began in 2020, when the Belgian and Dutch police began investigations. The alleged culprits they used containers of merchandise by sea to transport cocaine. the recipients of said goods being a Belgian and two Dutch companies.

In March 2020, more than 550 kilograms were seized in Brazil, hidden in legal cargo of soybean meal. A year later, containers with a hidden cargo of coffee beans and so on were detected in the Port of Antwerp.

After several investigations, it was possible to locate those responsible for these shipments on the Costa del Sol and therefore, “the European police requested the collaboration of the Civil Guard to proceed with the location of these people.”

Finally, the civil guard located the two capos, each one resided in a luxury home in exclusive developments in Marbella.

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