Several ultra-distance athletes will travel more than 1,500 km in 24 hours in a new edition of the Sin-Plastic-Zamos challenge.

The tour, which aims to raise awareness about the pollution of the seas, will be carried out in several stages. On the one hand, the triathlete Miguel Ángel Troya will travel the 250 km that separate Castro del Río (Córdoba) from Manilva (Málaga), covering 150 km by bike and 100 running. On the other hand, several ultra-distance runners will spread out on foot along the entire coast from Murcia to Huelva.

The coast of Huelva will be done together by Rafael Aguilera and Miguel Ángel Pereira; that of Cádiz, one half for Manuel Jesús González and the other half for Fernando Serrano; that of Malaga for José Carlos Gómez; Granada jointly for Miguel González, Andrés Jodar, Juan Carlos Bea and Raúl Rubiño; that of Almería one half for Iago Dosil and the other half for Pepefar; that of Murcia for Manuel Rico; and Castro del Río-Manilva, for Miguel Ángel Troya.

In total there will be about 1,500 kilometers, each athlete running an average of 150 km, except Miguel Ángel Troya, who will do 150 by bike and 100 running.

The event, which will take place on October 14 and 15, will also include awareness activities such as cleaning beaches, riverbanks, sea beds, or informative talks focused on children.

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