A 40-year-old man has been arrested in Valladolid for, supposedly, simulate the theft of a rental car in Estepona not to pay for their repair. The investigated, with two police records, was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of simulated crime.

The investigated, resident in the province of ValladolidHe reported in his complaint in early September of this year that he had left a rented vehicle parked in Estepona and, when he went to pick it up, it was gone, as reported by the Provincial Police Station in a statement.

The agents carried out various investigations, as a result of which they were able to verify that the arrested man pretended to be the victim of a non-existent criminal offense, trying to cheat the company where he had rented the vehicle, to avoid the financial responsibility that the repair would have entailed.

Actually what had happened is that the investigated had had an accident on the A-7, left the car and, later, took a taxi to go to the hotel where he was staying.

Once the facts had been verified, the National Police proceeded to arrest said individual in Valladolid. The investigation has been carried out by agents of the Estepona Local Police Station and the arrest by agents of the Valladolid Provincial Police Station.

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