The National Police has Six people arrested in Estepona after dismantling a drug sales point in a building of said municipality, as a result of an operation against retail carried out in the locality. The six have been arrested for an alleged crime of drug trafficking and, in addition, one of them was also arrested for illegal possession of weapons and the other for falsifying documents.

Supposedly, the sale and distribution of the drug was carried out from their home or in common areas of the building or in the vicinity of the property, as reported by the provincial police station, pointing out that the police action has managed to dismantle this drug sales point.

In the search practiced they have intervened a gun caliber 6.35 millimeters, 16.13 grams of cocaine14.50 of hashish, 0.65 grams of pink cocaine, forged documentation, cash and tools for the sale and distribution of the drug, they have indicated through a statement.

The investigation began in the month of August, when the agents learned of the existence of a building in Estepona from where a group of people -residents in one of the houses- were supposedly dedicating themselves to retail of narcotics.

Given these facts, a device was established, verifying the agents the existence of a large transfer of people who approached the point of sale to acquire the narcotic. Likewise, they verified how on other occasions, buyers stayed in the common areas of the building, creating a feeling of insecurity among neighborssince they consumed the drug in the place and dirty those spaces.

The investigations carried out allowed to identify the inhabitants of the house, a group of six people with active participation in the sale of drugs. Also, they discovered that one of them used false documentation having pending cases with the justice system in their country.

home search

Finally, this operation culminated in the arrest of six people and the practice of a home search where the agents seized 16.13 grams of cocaine, 14.50 grams of hashish, 0.65 grams of pink cocaine, forged documentation, cash, as well as the intervention of various tools for weighing and preparing the drug.

During the practice of the entry and registration diligence, one of those arrested threw a toiletry bag out the window -which was also intervened- and that contained a 6.35-millimeter caliber pistol inside.

In addition, the police officers intervened two false passportswhich according to the investigations would be used by one of those arrested to move freely through the Schengen territory, thus avoiding being arrested for the legal cases pending in his country.

The detainees together with the instructed report have been placed at the disposal of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 6 of Esteponathey have specified from the National Police.

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