The National Police has arrested in Marbella three men and three women as alleged perpetrators of theft of three high-end watches.

Those investigated, without any link between the robberies, would have violently stole the watches in one of the cases and taking advantage of neglect of the victims in the other two.

All the facts have occurred in the area of ​​Puerto Banus and also the victims were tourists who were spending a few days in Marbella.

Is research It began a few months ago as a result of a robbery that occurred in the Puerto Banús area and to which two more robberies that have occurred in recent days have been added. The first investigations indicated that the alleged perpetrators of each of the robberies would not be related since the characteristics provided by the victims indicate that there would be different groups acting.

For this reason, the agents have carried out different inquiries with the aim of clarifying each of the crimes and identifying the alleged perpetrators, the National Police has indicated in a statement.

In the first of the events, a tourist reported the theft of a watch valued at 15,000 euros, by a man who approached him at the door of a dance hall in Puerto Banús and taking advantage of the fact that he had had a few drinks, carelessly took his watch.

Other of the robberies happened to a man who was on vacation in Puerto Banús and when he was about to get his car he was accosted by three thieves that after cornering him they stole a high-end watch from him and fled the place on the run.

Lastly, the third event had the same scenario, the leisure area of ​​Puerto Banús, the victim -again a tourist- was robbed of a watch valued at 22,000 euros. On this occasion it was three women who approached the victim with the intention of helping him since he was somewhat impaired after drinking alcohol and according to the investigations, everything indicates that in a moment of carelessness, the women stole his watch .

With the information provided by the victims, the agents investigated who could be behind each of the robberies. With all the information obtained and after a study of each case, the researchers have been able to determine what at least three different groups dedicated to stealing watches high-end through theft or in some cases using violence.

Once the identity of each of the members of the group was obtained, a device for locating and stopping. This operation culminated a few days ago with the clarification of three criminal acts and the arrest of six of the seven suspects.

Specifically, the second of the cases has been in which two of the three alleged perpetrators have been arrested. The detainees have already been placed available to the judicial authority.

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