The The National Police has arrested six people from a family clan in Mijas for his alleged responsibility in crimes against public health and illegal possession of weapons. the plot was led by two brothers, 20 and 21 years oldWho controlled the retail sale of cocaine, heroin and hashish carried out on two floors in the neighborhood of Molino de Viento.

After records In the buildings, the investigators have intervened 98.45 grams of cocaine, 93.43 grams of hashish and another 13.80 grams of heroin, 643 euros in cash, cutting substances, a hunting shotgun -reported as stolen-, different white weapons -a sword, two machetes and a spear-, a baseball bat and a motor vehicle, among other effects.

The so-called ‘Brisa’ operation, which has been carried out by agents attached to the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the Fuengirola Local Police Station, began with information that pointed to retail drug trafficking by a family clan based in the neighborhood of Molino de Viento, in Mijas Costa, whoses members would have starred in some violent episode in their eagerness to control the illicit business in the area.

Precisely to monopolize the sale of drugs in the neighborhood, members of the clan they used shotguns and white weapons with which they intimidated other individuals with which they rivaled.

Continuing with the investigations, the researchers verified how the buyers went to the building in which the suspects had fixed their residence. Thus, after accessing the portal, which was open, the clients called those under investigation, carrying out the drug/money transaction inside the buildings or directly on the landing.

In relation to illicit activity, the agents made several drug seizure records in the vicinity of the homes of the detainees. Finally, and after obtaining authorization from the Investigating Court number 4 of Fuengirola, the agents carried out two searches in the homes of those under investigation.

Likewise, the agents requested the collaboration of the Local Police, which in turn required the action of the Animal Protection Service of the Mijas Town Hall, so that it would take charge of 13 dogs of the Malinois Belgian Shepherd breed in the hands of those investigated, in case of alleged non-compliance with municipal ordinances relating to animals.

Among the six detainees, all of them members of the same family, There are three minors. The Fuengirola Investigating Court and the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office have been informed of the facts.

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