The Mayor’s Office of San Pedro Alcántara has undertaken a series of actions on Pablo Ruiz Picasso avenue that will allow the improvement of road safety and that have included the installation of the first smart, backlit pedestrian crossings with user detection. “It is a main artery of the urban area in which signage elements that showed a deteriorated state have been renewed,” explained the deputy mayor of Sampedreño, Javier García, who has specified that the works, which have lasted three months , have been carried out in a section of almost 400 meters between the Plaza de José Agüera to the roundabout that converges with Calle Castilla and they have also contemplated the adaptation of the pavement and the installation of pipes.

He has detailed that “a total of fifteen pedestrian crossings have been affected on the avenue and those that were located in the intersection areas with other roads, such as María Rosa, Peral, Claveles, Álamo, Geranios, Del Valle and José Ramos, and it has been necessary to implement an electrical supply network for smart equipment by connecting to existing protection and public lighting control panels “, while explaining that” new horizontal and vertical signage has been installed with a more urban character and adapted to current regulations and bollards have been placed throughout the area of ​​action ”. In addition, various improvements have been made to the steelwork and three crossings of 80-millimeter fiber cement water supply pipes have been reinforced, replacing them with 100 and 150-millimeter cast iron pipes.
“It is a work that modernizes the surrounding infrastructures and uses LED technology to warn approaching drivers and pedestrians of the risk in a more significant way,” said García, who highlighted that “these are initiatives that improve urban areas and they make the city safer and more comfortable ”.

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