The age group that is in the child strip is especially sensitive during this time, both due to the characteristics of their skin and the hours they spend outside doing recreational or educational activities. On average, it is estimated that minors receive three times more solar radiation than an adult.

Soludable ‘ is a project that is part of the Comprehensive Oncological Plan of Andalusia, with the aim of spreading iinformation about skin cancer and design effective plans that result in a lower incidence rate of this type of cancer in the autonomous community.

This fact has led to ‘Soludable Project’ to the elaboration of a guide that includes the recommendations of a series of specific measures to take into account when exposing oneself to the sun. Starting from this premise, the best way to keep the skin of the smallest in good condition is to rreduce sun exposure time, especially in babies, that they should not be in the sun directly before six months and limit their exposure during the first three years of life.

The sun exposure that is carried out after that age must be carried out properly, taking into account a series of recommendations, which are summarized in: maintain hydration constant, either with water or with fruit juices due to its high content of water and antioxidants; apply suitable protective creams, although in general the use of these products is not recommended for children under six months and up to three years it is advisable to apply lotions with a protection factor above 30 and a broad UVA / UVB spectrum, which are pediatric tested and are resistant to water, sweat and friction; avoid what are exposed to the sun between 12:00 and 16:00, since ultraviolet radiation reaches its maximum values, therefore they must remain in the shade and, in addition to using the umbrella, reinforce with other sun protection measures; dress appropriately if they are going to be out in the sun, such as wide-brimmed hats, long-sleeved clothing, with breathable and fresh fabrics, and pediatric sunglasses approved for children.

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