Some photographers have been sentenced by the Court of First Instance number 1 of Estepona a return some boyfriends the amount paid as a deposit for the photo report and video of your wedding for the pandemic.

In the sentence, to which EFE has had access, the demand presented is estimated and the plaintiffs are sentenced to pay the injured parties with 1,573 euros plus interestendorsing the position of the courts in defense of consumers, who had to cancel trips, weddings due to covid due to force majeure.

The plaintiffs refused to return the money.according to the lawyer who has filed the lawsuit, Damian Vázquez, belonging to the Vázquez Lawyer firm, who has reported that his clients contracted a service agreement with the defendant photographers for the reportage of their wedding.

The contract was made on February 25, 2020 on the occasion of their wedding whose celebration was scheduled for August 29, 2020, for an amount of 2,600 euros plus VAT and fifty percent was paid, as a reservation.

Vázquez explains in his lawsuit that said payment and the signature were made a few days before the extent of the pandemic was known and the confinement measures established by the Government as of March 2020, “being evident that we were facing a case of force majeure”.

In the contract itself it was established that circumstances beyond one’s control, both the borrowers and the lender were free of any obligation. The couple paid 1,573 euros as a reservation “being unaware that soon they were going to be confined due to the first wave of the pandemic.”

The bride and groom communicated the impossibility of holding the event and they asked for the money back delivered on account, but the photography company “continually changed its version to the detriment of consumers.”

In the first place, they were informed that there was no problem in celebrating it on another date, but later they were told that they had to pay a surcharge of 25 per cent on what was foreseen in the contract, despite the fact that said increase was not included in the conditions of the contract nor was it appropriate.

The Court has agreed with the arguments put forward by the Vázquez Lawyers office and according to the lawyer said photography company has other similar claims.

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