Starlite Catalana Occidente, held in Marbella, has completed a decade of history with its longest edition, which began on June 18 and ended on September 4, with a program composed of more than 180 showsAmong them, 57 concerts have taken place in the auditorium and more than 124 in the second stage of the festival.

A total of 161,724 visitors have chosen this summer La Cantera de Nagüeles to see artists from the national and international scene such as Tom Jones, Bonnie Tyler, Nicky Jam, Raphael, Miguel Ríos, Carlos Rivera, Morat, Sebastián Yatra, Nathy Peluso and Ara Malikian, among others.

Throughout the edition there have been moments such as the reunion and return to the stages of ‘She dances Alone’ to celebrate 25 years in music or farewell to José Luis Perales after a lifetime of shows.

Also, Camilo’s three dates in a row, Irina Koleshnikova’s first performance in Spain and the Saint Petersburg Ballet with ‘Swan Lake’ o Rosario Flores sharing the stage with her sister Lolita and Antonio Carmona were other highlights.

The finishing touch was put by Myke Towers, the young urban music phenomenon, rapper and songwriter who has earned the respect of the industry thanks to his talents.

Starlite Catalana Occidente is also known as the “Festival of Opportunities”, since artists such as Antonio José, Sebastián Yatra, Morat or DVicio, among others, were bets that the festival made when they were not yet known.

This year the opportunity has been for young artists such as Míriam Rodríguez, Cepeda, Paul Granch, Dani Fernández and Nil Moliner, who have debuted at the festival sharing the stage and to whom a great future is predicted in the music industry.

Artists, celebrities, businessmen and representatives of regional and national institutions have shown both their thanks for your support of Starlite throughout the development of an edition that has not registered any incident, due to the implementation of security measures and strict compliance with them by all festival goers.

What’s more, the Starlite Gala raised funds to realize the objectives of the Starlite Foundation, an entity that fights to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged people, channeling a significant part of its funds to projects supported by the Lagrimas y Favores Foundation, chaired by Antonio Banderas.

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