The University of Malaga (UMA) has started this Tuesday the twentieth edition of its Summer Courses in the city of Marbella, where 5 seminars and a master class will be given in three locations in the municipality, and where 400 students who have registered and 180 speakers will participateaccording to the vice-rector for Research and Transfer of the academic institution, Diego Vera.

Thus, the academic representative has highlighted “50th anniversary celebration” from the university this year, in which “we return to repeat with the same complicity that the mayor gives us”.

“What we want is for people to have a good time and demonstrate what the rector constantly says, which is that the UMA is the University of the province of Malaga and not of the capitaland that this morning is a good example of it”, Vera pointed out regarding the objective of the academic institution to reach all territorial areas.

For 4 days, a masterclass focused on the metaverse and 5 courses in which topics such as the water cycle, The new European geopolitics and the future international orderthe climate change, smart tourist destinations or labor reformand that will be taughthe June 28 to July 1 with the participation of “400 registered students and 180 speakers”, he clarified.

For her part, the vice-rector and director of the Doctoral School, Magdalena Martín, has highlighted that the academic institution and the city of Marbella have a “strategic alliance that has been maintained over time against all odds, and in circumstances that are not always easy” thanks to “an effort by the General Foundation of the University of Malaga (FGUMA) to launch some courses that are among the most important that there is now in Spain, both for the variety as well as diversity and theme”.

Marbella is an ally that has remained and that it is a focus that interests us for the iinternationalizationbecause of the prestige that the city itself has and because it is indeed the focus and natural seat of many of these issues that are going to be discussed during these days, which concern absolutely current issues”, he detailed.

In this sense, he stressed that they will be addressed during the twentieth edition of the Summer Courses topics that will go “from the global to the local”, that is, that “they deal with general problems, but that they have concrete repercussions also in Marbella and in the province of Malaga”.

About him “cast of participantshas highlighted its “great prestige”, in addition to having “a involvement of citizens and students that will make these courses extremely active and productive for everyone”.

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, celebrated the fact that after 15 years the seminars continue to be held in Marbella and that the city ​​”maintain the relationship with the UMA”as well as start the twentieth edition of the Summer Courses in the locality.

Respecting them, he recalled that “they allow us to talk about current issues, bring great and important speakers and that in the end they have a great success”, for what has shown the “satisfaction” of the City Council for hosting this training after the pandemic and in person, although you have remembered that some of the conferences can be followed in person online.

Muñoz has highlighted that during the five courses that are going to be taught in the city “issues that are and are absolutely current are discussed and put on the table, such as the climate change with Enrique Salvo Tierra, who is lost, a very loved and highly respected person in Malaga, or to talk about smart destination in a city like Marbella”.

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