A total of three students and two teachers of the Secondary Education Institute (IES) Monterroso of Estepona participate in the Erasmus + project, which has as its objectives the internationalization and multiculturalism at an academic and professional level, as highlighted by the teacher José Antonio Neira.

The professor, who teaches the intermediate level cycle of Professional Training in Attention to people in a situation of dependency, has pointed out that the program is “wider” than in previous years, and opens “the opportunity” to study in various parts of the European Union to the students of the training cycles, Baccalaureate and Secondary.

Thus, it has indicated that after “finishing the cycle”, students can carry out “internships in companies for 3 months” and the Erasmus + program allows them to carry out the same in a country of the European Union, which is “co-financed with the European Social Fund”.

Specifically, she explained that there have been three students from the Monterroso institute who have been able to carry out your internship in Normandy for “30 days”, and that have been developed ina residence for the elderly” that has “centres spread throughout much of Europe, and one of which is in Isdabe, in Estepona. The experience began “on April 20 and ended on May 19”, which he has described as “wonderful”, since the students have been able to “develop academically, professionally and personally”.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the teachers who have joined the initiative They will have as their missionobserve how other classmates work the methodology and improve teaching practice”, highlighting “gamification” as his favorite.

As the teacher pointed out, “It is not easy” for the students of your cycle to choose to participate in the Erasmus + Program because “he doesn’t usually want to leave”, and it is more common for students of the Superior Degree of Tour Guide to work in hotels and other companies related to the sector.

Neira has recalled that one of the objectives of the Erasmus + program is the “internationalization”, so to participate you have to know different languages ​​such as English or French, as well as the “multiculturalism” as it is an experience abroad.

Total, “8 students” have requested to participate of the intermediate level training cycle that it teaches, for whose election it has been created “an appraisal commission with the educational team, in which aspects such as “the ability to resolve conflicts or leadership” of the students have been taken into account, in addition to having a degree in languages ​​or at least being knowledgeable.

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