For the next few days September 10 and 11 will be held on ‘Summer Jazzfunk Festival’ in the walk of the palm trees. This activity falls within the cultural agenda that the municipality has carried out throughout the summer. This festival was one of the parties that was stopped until last year and This edition is back stronger than ever.

This act, like others have been held in the municipality It will be measured and the hygienic sanitary measures will be followed that have been carried out since the beginning of the pandemic, in order not to fall into outbreaks or harm the health of citizens. The Deputy Mayor, Javier Garcia, he pointed out «we are expectant so that the largest number of jazz lovers can join us within the measures and allowed capacity ».

The last year the musicians’ lineup consisted of local artists. Today we learned about the groups that will participate this year. This is a total of 6 groups both local and from different provinces and communities, such as Madrid, Vigo, or Granada, which will enliven the two nights of the festival. Every day will actn three different groups from 8:00 p.m.

The Chairwoman of the association ‘Summer JazzFunk Festival’, Miriam Aguilar and the treasurer of the collective, Emilio Márquez, has detailed that the group will participate ‘Eneko Alberdi & No solo blues band ‘, by San Pedro Alcántara, ‘Saxos from hell’, from Vigo, ‘Hip quintet’ from Fuengirola, ‘Watch out ‘ from Madrid, while ‘4WQ’, composed only of women, and ‘Gospel Sound’, with about thirty singers, come from Granada. Each day three groups of the six participants will perform. In this way, the day 10 will do it ‘Watch out’, ‘Gospel Sound’ and ‘Hip quintet’, while the 11 will intervene ‘Saxos del hell’, ‘Eneko Alberdi & No solo blues band’ and ‘4WQ’ (Four Women in Quartet).

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