The INFOCA Plan operates different types of helicopters in the fire fighting, and many of them also serve for the transfer of brigades specialists and forest firefighters to the scene of the fire.

The heaviest models are Kamov KA-32A1, and modern Super Puma last generation. The latter are of European manufacture, and Andalusia is the community that operates the most units of this type. Allows the transport of a technician and 18 combatants, which are practically two Brica, in addition to the discharge of up to 3,500 liters of water.

This gives the INFOCA a response force much higher than that of the lighter ones. Bell412, which allow the transport of 11 fighters and a discharge of 1,200 liters.

The other characteristic of the Super Puma is su speed: reaches up to 277 km / h, which allows you to travel more distances in less time, and therefore, go quickly to a forest fire. They also have ADBS beacons, a technology that will allow, in the future, to integrate drones in extinction tasks.

Large capacity transport of personal, comfort of their seats, breadth of space and great speed are its main virtues.

For his part, Kamov KA-32A1Russian-made, it is a bomber helicopter that can carry up to 4,500 liters of water. It is a highly valued device in fire fighting for its cunloading ability, maneuverability and power.

Employees coaxial rotors, which give it great load capacity. It can also carry 13 passengers and 2 crew members. It is the helicopter with higher load capacity of which INFOCA operates.

Apart from these two heavyweights, the INFOCA also has other lighter helicopters such as the Bell-212, capable of carrying 1,400 liters of water. This device is the most used in the fight against fires.

For his part, AW119 Koala It is a very versatile helicopter, capable of traveling to the fire in a short time at a cruising speed of 230 kilometers per hour. Can transport 1,200 liters of water and up to 10 people.

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