‘Sport goes through neighborhoods’ returns to the scene this Monday. The social and sports program, organized by the Association of Sports Journalists of Malaga thanks to the support of the “la Caixa” Foundation and the Provincial Council, will celebrate its fifth meeting with an exceptional protagonist, the Malaga-born athlete Sarah Almagro, current two-time champion of Spain and runner-up in the world of parasurfing.

Almagro is an icon of overcoming adversity as he competes without limbs after losing his hands and feet four years ago and being on the verge of death due to meningococcal meningitis.

Thus, the talk, entitled ‘Sarah’s wave’, will bring to the neighborhood of El Perchel the vital experience of the young surfer, who is studying fourth year of Law, and who will be accompanied by the Fuengirola journalist and director of the APDM Julio Rodríguez.

Access to the meeting is free until full capacity is reached and it will be held this Monday, October 17 at 6:30 p.m. in the assembly hall that ONCE has in Malaga (Calle Cuarteles, 8). Different groups, teams and associations will attend, as well as provincial athletes who also compete after suffering amputations.

Sarah Almagro will explain how the surfboard became her lifesaver and how, through sport and the discipline that it implies, she managed to transform herself and get out of the pothole that life presented her with.

As they have assured, it will be an inspiring and optimistic talk that will normalize Almagro’s routine for those present and in which inclusion and real equality will be analyzed at all levels, from accessibility to education.

One of the claims of Sarah and her family will also be put on the table, such as Andalusia’s need to have a reference center for amputees, as well as other questions and surprises in a talk that will have the active participation of the public .

After stations in the north (La Palma-Palmilla), west (Cortijo Alto), center (Lagunillas), and east (El Palo), ‘El deporte va por barrios’ is now approaching one of the most emblematic centers of Malaga: The Perchel.

In the old and at the same time renovated neighborhood of Malaga, once a fishing area, is the capital headquarters of the National Organization for the Blind, which fights to improve the quality of life of blind people or people with severe visual impairment through the provision of an offer of social services that allows their full inclusion. An ideal setting for a meeting that will be more than stimulating for all its attendees.

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