Two people have been identified in Mijas after being surprised by the Local Police when they tried to squat a house. The events occurred in the early hours of last Sunday, when a call was received alerting of the possible occupation of a house without authorization in the Riviera area.

As soon as they received the notice, agents from the Intervention Unit went to the scene. Upon arriving at the house in question, the police officers observed that the outer patio door had been forcedas well as the interior door lock, which was recently changed.

The neighbors told the agents that the occupants were inside the house, so they entered it and were able to identify two individuals -of foreign nationality-. The two men had a multitude of tools and supplies necessary to carry out said occupation, as reported by the Mijas Local Police.

After being identified, the two were transferred to police offices where criminal proceedings were instituted against them, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of usurpation, finally remaining as investigated not arrested.

Finally, the agents proceeded to inform the owner of everything that had happened, finally securing the house until the owner arrived. The Local Police of Mijas has recalled that “in the face of the increase in the occupation of homes without authorization, it is in charge of responding to the social demand regarding this illegal practice”.

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