The Court of Malaga has suspended trial scheduled for this Wednesday a man accused by the death of a dj in Marbella after hitting one of the bullets allegedly fired by the defendant at the ceiling during a party in said town in Malaga that did not have authorization due to the sanitary restrictions due to COVID-19 at that time, March 2021.

The trial was initially set to take place in the Ninth Section this week, specifically, on Wednesday and Thursday; although, according to what judicial sources have indicated to Europa Press, the not being able to appear the defendantwho was supposedly prohibited from leaving the country, but traveled to Morocco.

Apparently, the sources have indicated, the defendant tried to return to Spain but was not allowed entry due to some kind of problem with the passport, for which reason the case is now pending before the public prosecutor’s office to see if the search and capture of the accused is ordered.

They ask for nine years in jail

The Prosecutor’s Office requests nine years in prison. The events occurred during a party that was held in a house in Marbella without authorization since at that time “the sanitary restrictions imposed by the authorities as a result of the pandemic were in force”, according to the initial conclusions of the prosecutor. There were 35 people dancing and drinking, with the music very loud.

At a certain moment, the public accusation document, to which Europa Press has had access, points out, the defendant, who was in a private room with some friends, got up and “to attract attention he brandished a gun” and, “acting with serious risk to attendees, He fired three shots towards the roof of the house.

One of those bullets, according to the prosecutor’s office in its initial accusation, it bounced and “hit the dj’s neck area”, who had been hired to perform and play music at the party. He cut her jugular vein and caused her to bleed, which caused her death “progressively and quickly”, although he managed to walk to the kitchen area.

As there was a lot of noise at the party, the attendees did not realize what had happened and the victim was only helped by a woman that she had been hired for cleaning work, who, seeing him bleeding, covered the wound with a towel and asked for help, although “no one came” but “everyone began to run out of the house.” The victim died at the scene.

The weapon allegedly used, classified as weapon of war with which its purchase or possession by individuals is prohibited, it was found hidden in the front space of a jet ski that was in the garage of the defendant’s home in Marbella. A silencer compatible with said pistol was also found.

For the prosecutor, initially it is about reckless manslaughter with the use of a weapon, for which he requests four years in prison; and another for illegal possession of a weapon of war, for which he requests a sentence of five years in prison. In addition, he asks that he compensate the mother and brother of the deceased with the amount of 450,000 euros.

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