He summer The most active time for criminals specialized in home robbery to act is approaching and with it. Good weather encourages more frequent departures from home, which are added to the arrival of the holidays, at which time thieves take the opportunity to enter and carry out their illicit purposes. In Marbellathe tenant of a chalet has denounced the theft of 6,000 euros while she and her family last Sunday while enjoying a day at the beach.

The events occurred on June 11, between 2:45 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., in a single-family home located in the town of Marbella when it was empty, since its tenants had gone to the beach. According to the building’s video surveillance system, a man, who was wearing yellow shorts and a white striped T-shirt, broke into the family room.

Next, the alleged offender went towards the bag of the woman who lives in the chalet, searched it and removed all the money that was inside, which amounted to €1,850says the victim of the alleged robbery in the complaint that he filed this Tuesday at the San Pedro Alcántara National Police Station.

But, the loot with which the alleged criminal managed to get hold of did not stop there. According to the security cameras, after his first feat, he stole an envelope that he was inside a piece of furniture, also located in the main room of the home, taking the 4,000 euro which contained the same In the same way, he took another 350 euros located in the cabinet, next to the envelope.

The amount subtracted would therefore be equivalent to little more than 6,000 euros, of which the tenant explains to this newspaper that she was going to make her rent payment; while another amount was equivalent to the payment made by one of her clients from the real estate agency where she works.

Although the victim of the robbery does not clearly know where the offender was able to access the interior of the home, he believes that he could have done so through the front door, since he closed it with the turns of the lock, but only with the slip. In addition, it had some small marks, but without being forced.

The video surveillance system also captured a second man – tall, with a thick complexion, and dressed in black shorts, a yellow T-shirt and a black cap – he also captures a second man outside the house, who supposedly carried out surveillance work.

At the moment, it is unknown if they have occurred arrests and the complaint has been forwarded to the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the Local Police Station in Marbella.

Tips to prevent home burglaries

Every year, the National Police offers some advice and recommendations to minimize the possibility of this type of theft, as well as facilitate the work of investigators. Always closing the house with a key both when going on vacation and when leaving, even if it is only for a few minutes, is one of them.

In the event that they are observed plastic witnesses either glue threads between the access door to the house and the frame, notify 091 immediately because the biggest problem is that it is a robbery method that marks addresses and checks those that are temporarily uninhabited.

Be cautious when discussing with people around you when we are in a public place that we are going on vacation. It is also not advisable to comment on it on social networks, even less if on some occasion mention has been made of the place of residence through photographs in which our home appears or its location has been reflected.

Use different measures so that the house does not appear uninhabited from outside, such as not lowering all the blinds, taking advantage of automated systems so that certain lights or electronic devices in the home are activated periodically, as well as that a family member or trusted relative can periodically collect the mail from the mailbox so that it does not accumulate and check the condition of the house.

Special attention should also be paid to the presence of strangers on the farm. Do not open the portal to strangers and before opening the access door to the building make sure that you know that person.

In the event that the door of the house is open or forced upon return, at no time should you enter or manipulate anything and you should immediately call the 091 to send a radio patrol vehicle and make the appropriate checks.

To facilitate a possible investigation and the recovery of the stolen objects, it is convenient to have previously prepared a list of electronic objects that you have at home –tablets, televisions, computers and consoles, among others- and their corresponding serial numbers. It is also advisable to have a detailed list and photographs of jewelry and valuables. In case of theft, it is convenient to provide these lists in the complaint to be able to track the objects.

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