The tension between the political groups broke out this Thursday in the Andalusian Parliament with the case of husband of the mayoress of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz -which investigates the National Court for alleged crimes of “criminal organization” and “money laundering from drug trafficking” -, where there has been a crossover of interventions around cases of corruption such as the ERE and the one that splashes the coastal town.

The dispute arose in the plenary session of Parliament when the Socialist deputy José Aurelio Aguilar has launched to the counselor of the Presidency, Antonio Sánz, a PSOE question on money laundering, highlighting that “all administrations have competence in the prevention” of it.

In this way, the deputy has stated that “the stench of Marbella is already beginning to reach Seville”, while assessing that “Marbella does not deserve to return to this, and it seems that after the GIL we had learned, but there were some who were taking notes and preparing to repeat it”.

In his turn to question, Aguilar has remarked that the “funds from the ‘Protege Plan’ of the Board ended up in a company that is allegedly dedicated to money laundering in a somewhat peculiar intra-family procedure. Now that is intra-family and not the phone they bought from Vox.”

On the other hand, he has alluded to the diffusion of the case in Canal Sur, emphasizing that “Marbella is in Andalusia, not in SwedenBecause even Swedish television has given more information about these serious events,” he replied.

Likewise, the socialist has pointed to the “transparency” that the Andalusian Executive defends “in its budgets”, while “the Marbella mayor is threatening journalists and Andalusian public television hiding this information”, he has criticized regarding the “threats” that has publicly denounced receiving from the councilor.

Aguilar has also lamented the “inexplicable” silence of President Juanma Moreno about this case and about the mayoress, regarding the recent update that she has made of her declaration of assets after the investigation of her husband for allegedly laundering drug money.

For his part, Sánz defended in the plenary session the innocence of the councilor of Marbella and the Consistory in the alleged plot being investigated by the National Court, recalling that the Madrid court “has said that there is no case, that neither the mayoress nor the Marbella City Council have absolutely nothing.”

Thus, the counselor has criticized the “relief” of the socialist deputy José Aurelio Aguilar, as well as has accused the socialists of be installed in the policy of “mud“, for which he has urged them to apologize for the accused and convicted that his party has in corruption cases and, specifically, for the “theft of 800 million” from the ERE.

Sanz has taken advantage of his intervention to recriminate the Government of Spain for “releasing” the aggressors of the victims of sexual crimes and for the pacts with Bildu to “throw out” the Civil Guard of Navarra.

On the other hand, the local coordinator of Izquierda Unida Marbella, Victoria Morales, has demanded this Thursday that the mayoress comply with the motion approved in 2018 at the initiative and proceed “to the public parking rescue located at the end of Jacinto Benavente street, in front of the old Financial Club of the infamous Jesús Gil, which is operated under a concession by the corrupt ex-commissioner José Manuel villarejo”.

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