The processing of husband of the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz (PP)due to an alleged corruption scheme, has raised tension in the city council between the popular government team and the opposition parties -PSOE, Ciudadanos and the local group Option Sampedreña (OSP)-.

While from the socialist ranks his spokesman in the consistory and secretary of the Organization of the PSOE from Malaga, Jose Bernalthe credibility of the councilor is questioned, to whom they demand that the summary of the case be made public, the OSP councilors have asked Muñoz to “step aside and leave the mayor’s office.”

“If you were so sure that everything was black on white, what you have to do is show full summarynot the car of twenty-odd pages”, Bernal has claimed in statements to the media, since, in his opinion, “there is no greater sign of integrity”.

For Bernal, “with Mrs. Muñoz you cannot make an act of faith because a year and a half ago she denied that her husband had been detained” when he was and furthermore 25 million bail has been requested.

The opposition asks the mayor to “step aside”

From OSP they have insisted that, “seeing the turn that the matter has taken, Angeles Munoz “the necessary time should be set aside until this whole matter is definitively resolved.”

Given the circumstances – commented the councilor for OSP, Manuel Osorio – the mayor “should not be the visible face of Marbella”, since this whole thing harms the municipality and to its reputation and “Marbella is a benchmark at all levels”, he added.

For her part, the spokesperson for citizens at the Marbella Town Hall, Maria Garciahas not wanted to make any assessment in this regard, understanding that it is a “very delicate” matter, which is in the hands of Justice.

García, contrary to parallel media and social trials, has insisted that she prefers to wait for a final judicial resolution to rule, although she recognizes that these types of issues negatively affect the image of marbella.

Money laundering and criminal organization

Judge Manuel García Castellón has prosecuted the mayor’s husband as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of money laundering Y criminal organization within the framework of an alleged network led by Swedish citizens who allegedly exported large quantities of drugs from Spain, especially marijuana and hashish, to Nordic countries, especially Sweden.

The publication of of information regarding the public works awards to CODECOSOLa company presumably used to launder money obtained from drug trafficking by the plot led -according to the judge- by the stepson of the mayor Ángeles Muñoz, has set off the alarms of the PSOE.

This medium revealed that CODECOSOL obtained at least five awards in procedures without competition for more than €640,000of which some 250,000 would correspond to the Protect Plan of the Junta de Andalucía in 2011.

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