The Association ‘The Patient Defender’ brought to the attention of the Prosecutor’s Office, the case of the alleged medical negligence of a 20-year-old patient, with Covid, who went 7 times to the Costa del Sol Hospital and Health Center, without being left admitted, until the last day he died.

Through the Lawyer Damián Vázquez, collaborator of the Association of the Patient Defender, the relatives of the deceased patient have filed a criminal complaint and have appeared as a private accusation in the Examining Court No. 1 of Marbella, which they requested as evidence the practice of autopsy on the corpse, which was admitted by said court. After the corresponding legal procedures, the provisional Autopsy Report, carried out at the Reina Sofia Hospital in Córdoba, has been received, after which the cremation or burial of the body has been authorized by his family.

According to the Attorney Damián Vázquez, of the Association of the Patient Defender, it is a provisional autopsy report, pending receipt of the final toxicology reports, completion of macroscopic and histological studies. Likewise, the Court will be requested later, by said Lawyer, to assess by a Forensic Doctor of the Institute of Legal and Forensic Medicine, the medical assistance received by said young patient, to determine the existence of possible medical negligence and, where appropriate, a crime of murder due to professional medical recklessness.

In said autopsy report it is stated that from 25-7-21 he began with abdominal pain, accompanied by nausea, vomiting and diarrheal stools, asthenia and a sensation of dyspnoea. She subsequently went to the emergency room on several more occasions, as her health condition did not improve, with various diagnoses, the patient always being discharged to her home. After tests, Covid contagion is confirmed, and even suffers syncopes.

In the provisional macroscopic diagnosis of the autopsy, of the body of the 20-year-old girl, it is noted: Lungs with a hemorrhagic appearance, with thrombotic material, bilateral hematic pleural effusion, hematic pericardial effusion, and edematous brain with signs of infratentorial herniation. Damián Vázquez, Lawyer belonging to the legal services of the Association of the Patient Defender, and who helps said family, will continue to carry out all the necessary steps to clarify this case and clarify possible responsibilities, for not having left her admitted or under hospital observation , until the last time, despite having gone 7 times to a health center and Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella.

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