The A-7 motorway, at kilometer 152, has been cut in both directions as a consequence of Forest fire declared this Wednesday in Estepona.

This is how the 112 Andalucía Emergency service picks it up in a message posted on its Twitter account, picked up by Europa Press, where it reports that the road is completely cut off from kilometer 152 to 153.

Specifically, the fire affects an area called the Manzano quarry from 5:22 p.m.close to the road, and members of the Andalusian forest firefighting service, Plan Infoca, work together with firefighters from the Malaga Provincial Consortium (CPB).

By the Infothere are three aerial means deployed -a light heavy, a super puma and a kamov-, two Brica -with 18 troops-, 14 forest firefighters, two operations technicians and an environmental agent.

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