The 17-year-old minor accused of allegedly killing shot his stepfather in the Malaga town of Estepona He presented a picture of drug use when the events occurred, sources close to the investigation have informed Efe.

The judge has ordered the internment in a closed therapeutic center at the request of the juvenile prosecutor.

The National Police initially arrested the minor and his mother after the death of a man from a fire wound during the early hours of Saturday at a family home, but after the investigations the agents determined that the young man was presumably the author of the shot. .

When the police comes, the mother accused herself and both were arrested to determine what had happened and the degree of involvement of each one of them, but finally the Police have found out that the minor would have been the alleged author of the shot, “which affected the victim’s hand, because it would be defensive, but also It hit his neck.”

Moments before the shot, always according to the investigations, presumably there was a bit of struggle between the couple and, inside the house there was also the 17-year-old son and some other brother, although the sources have not specified the exact number.

The woman, three months pregnant, had five children. The victim and the woman had two very young children and she had three older children.

According to the investigation, in the family environment they were frequent the discussions and “the day of the events it seems that they got out of hand.”

The events occurred at 5:00 a.m. this Saturday at a home located in Camino Vereda de los Frailes and the 35-year-old victim was shot with a firearm after a family argument.

Sources from the 112 emergency center indicated that an individual gave notice that there was a family discussion between a man and a woman, for which the National Police and an ICU from the Emergency services moved.

The doctors confirmed that after receiving assistance the victim died at the scene.

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