The Association of Associations of Parents of Students (AMPA) of Marbella and San Pedro has concentrated this Friday in the Plaza de los Naranjos to demand that the Junta de Andalucía comply with the Construction deadlines for the new institute in Las Chapaswhich has suffered delays as a result of a “postponement” of the work requested by the winning company and “the rise in prices”, as denounced by its spokesman, Jorge Gil.

The call has had the attendance of a hundred people including schoolchildren, parents and representatives of political formations minutes before the ordinary plenary session of November will begin in the City Hall, some without representation in the municipal Corporation, who before the pre-election campaign have been seen together with the protesters and have supported their claims.

Gil has justified the concentration that “people don’t trustdespite the commitment announced yesterday by the Education delegation that the institute will be put into operation during the next school year, after meeting with the AMPAs and the City Council last Wednesday, remarking that “promises come but deeds never come true”.

In this way, he regretted that there has been a “delay” in the construction deadlines of the educational center “due to the transport strike in April of last year and due to a rise in prices”, assuring that “there is a discrepancy in the price” with “a difference of one million euros with respect to the initial budget that already seems to have been saved”.

In this sense, it has indicated that the The awardee of the works “has requested a price review by a decree of the Government of Spain”, which has pointed out that “it has been practiced, it has been approved and an additional 20% has been given to the company”.

“We understand that the company has slowed down the works to achieve this in a tortious way, to somehow force the Junta de Andalucía to enter through the hoop and pay for this price increase”, Gil has valued, who has indicated that “they have also requested a work postponement, and instead of being finished in July 2023, there is a postponement to October 2023 that we hope will be fulfilled”.

The spokesperson for the group has remarked that the reason for this concentration is to ask that “the Junta de Andalucía do what is possible, but also to prevent this from happening again”, while lamenting “the totally untenable situation of the barracks”, in which at the moment more than 200 schoolchildren take their classes.

“We understand that don’t want to lose money because it’s a private companybut in the end the ones who pay the piper are the citizens”, lamented Gil, who has stated that “we want this to be unblocked, that there are no more postponements and that in October 2023 this construction of the institute is finished”, as well as that “in one or two months the center will be furnished and conditioned” with the necessary material and furniture.

Thus, he has indicated that the educational community hopes that the institute “be a reality in January 2024”date on which he has assured that the Educational Development delegate, Miguel Briones, has committed to put it into operation, for which he has warned that the AMPAs will make a “monitoring” of jobsand that if they do not advance, they will manifest themselves again in the month of April.

In addition, he has taken advantage of the concentration to denounce that the points contemplated in the framework agreement signed in 2018 have not been metsigned by the political parties that made up the municipal Corporation and with a presence in the autonomous Parliament, being “the tip of the iceberg the institute and a series of deficiencies at the educational level”.

At this point, he alluded to “the creation of educational equipment, improvement of the maintenance of schools, the creation of school canteens for El Carmen and Gil Muñiz or moving inside the Antonio Machado school”. To this, it has added aspects that have not been met, such as “finishing the overcrowding and the excess of the ratio and the itinerant classrooms in Secondary, reviewing the ascriptions of schools and institutes and the area of ​​influence designated to obtain places or work the diversity.

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