The Secondary School (IES) Bahía Marbella has taken a new step this year in the educational innovation and the promotion of communication and new technologies with the incorporation of the techniques of podcasting to its teaching methodology, an initiative whose objective is that “the students are able to manage their own informationcreate content and show it to the rest of the world”, according to what the director, Jorge Figueroba, reported this Thursday.

For this, the center has begun to impart a practical theoretical workshop for its 430 students, from which the elaboration of a marathon of podcast that can be heard on different audio platforms online.

The person in charge of the center has highlighted that the initiative is framed “in the line of work in favor of the media literacy set up several years ago, with initiatives such as ‘The Bahia Magazine’ or workshops for the detection of fake news.

As he pointed out, “this academic year we have taken a further step with the workshop podcasting”, for the one who has counted with the local consultancy ‘Díaz Olivera Comunicación’, which has the objective that “the students are able to manage their own informationcreate content and show it to the rest of the world and society”. The teacher stressed that “it has been a very interesting experience, which has resulted in podcast very varied, some in magazine format and others focused on diverse themes such as reality, terror, sexuality, music or sports”.

Figueroba has indicated that “the project is developed within the framework of the pEuropean programs ‘Proa+ Next Generation'”, with which “the 430 students have received four sessions in which they have learned to prepare a script, record, structure your story and mount it in format podcast through tools based on new technologies”.

“From the workshop has emerged the material for the marathon of 25 podcast elaborated and that we are going to upload, both to our social networks and to IPasen, to share it with the entire educational community. It can also be heard on podcast platforms such as iVoox or Anchor”, said the director of IES Bahía Marbella.

Figueroba explained that “after the workshop on podcasting, now we have one very powerful didactic tool in favor of the integral development of the student body. It is already being used in Geography and History or Literature classes, through interviews and scripted recreations of relevant historical figures”, he added.

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