From 10 in the morning until 12, a total of 27 people enjoyed a morning full of health with the day prepared by the Shiva Shakti Manilva teacher, Isaac García. The intention was none other than to collaborate with a contribution, for the benefit of the Bandera Rosa association.
This non-profit organization, whose closest headquarters are in Secadero, has as its main objective the fight against breast cancer and that both patients and family members find a place to treat their needs, from a comprehensive point of view and where their problems and realities become visible to society.

The activity was carried out in Villa Matilde and as a result of it, the Pink Flag piggy banks, received a total of €300, which goes directly to the difficult task they carry out.

According to the participants, it was a very comforting and energetic act, which allowed them to release emotional burdens, relax and enjoy

The age range that participated was from an 8-year-old boy to a 74-year-old woman, remembering that yoga and chi kung are recommended activities for all ages.
Both Isaac García and Bandera Rosa wanted to thank the participation of neighbors and people from neighboring towns.

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