The Estepona City Council informs of the publication of the regulatory bases for the draw to establish the order of priority of applicants for the choice of places in the underground car park that is built around the Chess Square.

The City Council established a deadline until December 31, 2020 for residents registered in Estepona to formalize the request to reserve a place, under the conditions set out in said request. During that period, more than 300 applications were registered, a number that exceeded the places to be awarded.

The price of the squares, according to the municipal technical assessment, is between 14,610.48 euros and 17,857.22 euros, depending on the surface and location of the same. Said places will be owned and not under concession.

In this way, in order to continue with the procedure of the required requirements, the petitioners reserving the allocation of places that appear in the initial list will have to provide, within a period of one month, the documentation that appears in Annex II of the file and meet the required requirements. Residents registered in Estepona, owners of a home or premises with professional activity and an opening license will be able to access, in due course, to the award of a single parking space.

Once the verifications have been carried out, the provisional list of petitioners will be drawn up, excluding those who have not submitted documentation or required requirements. Those excluded will have the right to a refund of the amounts entered. Said list will be displayed on the bulletin board and on the municipal website / electronic office with a period for possible correction of errors. Once it is concluded, the definitive list of petitioners for parking spaces will be published.

Subsequently, a lottery will be held to assign each of them the corresponding order number, based on the result of said draw, and which will determine the priority for the choice of parking space to be awarded at the time, prior to the actions timely.

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