All the bathing waters of the Andalusian beaches are within the established quality levels, keeping the water of the Guadamatillas River Reservoir (La Colada Dam) in El Viso (Córdoba) unsuitable for bathing, according to the report prepared by the General Directorate of Public Health and Pharmaceutical Management of the Ministry of Health and Consumption during the first fortnight of September 2022 and released this Friday.

The Ministry has indicated in a statement that it has monitored the 351 sampling points in the 272 maritime bathing areas and eight Andalusian continental bathing areas. The water samples have been analyzed to determine the different parameters required by current regulations, such as macroscopic parameters, transparency, color, mineral oils, presence of persistent foams and floating solids, organic remains and any other residue – glass, plastic, rubber , wood–, which may affect the healthiness of the waters and is considered to be of sanitary interest.

By provinces, in Almería a total of 90 samplings have been carried out in the 90 census points, which are distributed in 77 bathing areas of 13 Almeria municipalities. For its part, in Cádiz, 83 samples have been carried out in 77 census points, distributed in 55 bathing areas in 16 municipalities.

In Granada, 37 samplings have been carried out in the 37 census points that are found in 30 bathing areas in 10 municipalities. In the province of Huelva, 52 samplings have been carried out in 50 census points, distributed in 25 bathing areas in nine municipalities. Finally, in the province of Malaga, there have been a total of 99 samplings in 97 census points, which are spread over 85 bathing areas in 14 municipalities.

In the case of the continental bathing areas, the sampling has been carried out in the Balsa Cela in Lúcar, Almería; in the case of the province of Córdoba, in the La Breña II Reservoir in Almodóvar del Río and in the La Colada Dam. As for the province of Granada, the waters of the Cubillas Reservoirs in Albolote, Bermejales in Arenas del Rey, Negratín Reservoir in Cuevas del Campo, and the Fuencaliente Spring in the municipalities of Huéscar and Orce have been analysed.

This report on the sanitary quality of the waters, which indicates its suitability and, where appropriate, highlighted in the press release, provides bathing recommendations or prohibitions, is issued periodically every fortnight throughout the summer season and will be available for public consultation through the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs website until the end of the bathing season on September 30.

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