“Casares se luce” is the beautification plan for the town of Casares launched by the City Council to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the historic center, making “our environment more friendly and photographable, and offering the streets a postcard look that emanates Andalusia on all four sides”.

As explained by Chelu Herrera, Councilor for Conservation of the Historic District, in this first phase the two main arteries of the town have been included, Calle Carrera and Calle Fuente, where in addition to decorating public spaces with pots and plants, they will renovate the benches, the municipal walls will be painted and all the road signs will be redone.

The first actions are consisting of the installation of flower pots on the pavement of the medical center and the pensioner’s home, and flower pots on the walls and railings throughout Carrera Street, up to its confluence with the Plaza de España.

And then, it will continue in the same way throughout Fuente Street, from Plaza Marcelino Camacho to the Plaza. For the renovation of public furniture, the City Council has chosen a new model of wooden and wrought iron benches that combines very well with the Andalusian aspect of the streets of Casares

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