The cabins of the Benalmádena Cable Car will shine pink in the week of World Breast Cancer Day (October 19) to give visibility to a disease of which 34,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in women in Spain. Yesterday, the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) in Malaga and the Benalmádena Cable Car signed a collaboration agreement to celebrate a Day Against Breast Cancer on Monday, October 18, at the Cable Car facilities in the Benalmadena town. On that day, the booths will be open to the public for free. In addition, each cabin will be dyed pink to draw attention to a disease that is the leading cause of carcinogenic mortality among women in Spain.
The public that wishes can, throughout the day, ascend for free to Mount Calamorro, where there will be volunteers from the AECC offering testimonies related to this disease, which is the most frequent tumor in Western women, and which this year puts the accent, in its campaign for World Day Against Breast Cancer, on the vulnerability of women to this evil.

For this reason, brochures and informative material about the work of the AECC will be delivered during the day on Monday. The exhibitions of birds of prey that the Fundación Valle de las Águilas regularly organizes in the Benalmádena Cable Car will be free that day, too.
In Spain, approximately 30% of cancers diagnosed in women originate in the breast. Breast cancer is already the most diagnosed tumor in the world, in fact it has surpassed lung cancer for the first time, according to data published in 2021 by the Cancer Research Center (IARC).
The manager of the provincial headquarters of AECC in Malaga, Pedro González, and the general director of Selwo Costa del Sol, Alberto Martín López, have been in charge of signing this agreement, which also involves a cash donation from the Benalmádena Cable Car to AECC, which will be delivered symbolically in a ceremony that same Monday, October 18, where the media will be summoned.
The representative of AECC has said, regarding this agreement: “Breast cancer has a high percentage of cure and the key has been in its fight and its visibility for years, resources have been allocated, that is the line, the one that “I would like to keep with all types of cancer, we fight for the research to be distributed, also in rare tumors, and the initiative of the Benalmádena Cable Car giving us visibility in this way is a synergistic effect that will revert to other things”.
Alberto Martín, general manager of Selwo Costa del Sol, highlighted how easy it has been to collaborate with the AECC, pointing out that “during the month of October, customers will see the booths painted in the characteristic pink that represents the World Day against Breast Cancer ”.
This donation will be used for research into the disease, as well as for programs and services that the AECC provides to its associates. Both the study and the early diagnosis are essential to overcome this type of tumor, of which 34,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in women in our country.

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